Time flies….

Time flies when you’re having fun….. I know I promised regular posts on the Enneüs blog. I’ll try to keep you updated more frequently.

Enno is now 12 weeks old and he’s a very happy camper. He’s learnt how to smile and hasn’t stopped since. He survived his first shots – thought that put a hold on the smile for a while – and rules the day care center. Mum and dad are also happy campers, as Enno sleeps through the night. We even have to wake him up in the morning!

Mother Nature is a good listener. I had a mini-Walter on my wish list and got just what she asked for. Enno does take after his father with his dark hair (first curls already popping up), dark eyes and long legs. I gave my boy my best trait, Enno is a real chatterbox. You can imagine that this little boy wonder has his grandparents wrapped around his little finger. Opa’s lap is his favorite hangout spot at the moment.

Enno en Opa

Two weeks ago my maternity leave ended. Enno had to get used to full days at the day care center. Enno is a massive fan. He loves watching the other kids and really enjoys the sing-alongs. On Thursdays and Fridays the grandparents are pitching in, so Enno is also spending some time at home.

On a final note, many many thanks for all the lovely cards, clothes, books and other amazing presents. I’ll try to post photos of Enno in all his lovely new outfits!

First days report

Laatste foto voor ik was geboren.

Last picture of my parents before the stork made its delivery.


Fresh meat. 3535 gram. Aan de haak 3535 gram.







Nog in het ziekenhuis en dan meteen grandma en oma geknuffeld






3 dagen en 6 uur later, ieder moment fotogenieker.

Zin in een ontmoeting met alle 3 ooms en tante, nichtje en neefje!